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The ASI mobile dental unit is perfect for satellite offices, mobile dentistry, Hygiene, Ortho and more. They are plumb-free and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, which eliminates any special installation requirements or practice location constraints.


These affordable, high quality portable dental units come equipped with an internal air compressor and vacuum. They deliver high compressor and suction performance with quiet sound levels. The result is optimal performance equivalent to a plumbed office.


We know that the Dental Portable Delivery Unit/System is a kind of dental equipment for sale Rolling Case is direct supply type (plug in the power and can be used).  Its characteristics are stable and clean air , no troubles of sewage and drainage like the ones from traditional compressor with tank. It is e easy and convenient to operate, and it can reach to the pressure required by the high / slow speed handpiece.


 It can be added with scaler, curing light and others according to your requirements. It is the first choice for dental services.


ISSN: 2237-9703