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ActivGuard Review

por willam princy (31-12-2018)

Side-effects to taking oral medication include a dry mouth and frequent ActivGuard feeling of thirst, while skin irritations is a common adverse reaction to application of skin patches and creams.Some people resort to taking anti-depressant drugs such as Imipramine which has been reported to help relax the bladder muscles. It is a prescribed medication for people with incontinence or bladder control problems. The side effect, however, often includes drowsiness.The more serious side effects to taking Imipramine should be discussed with the doctor and are often dizziness, blurred vision, and irregular heartbeat. Desmopress; an anti-diuretic hormone, is often prescribed by physicians for people with little to no control of their bladders a sthis hormone is known for lessening the production of actual urine. This kind of medication is also considered a hormone replacement therapy, best used to combat urinary incontinence.Other alternative sources of bladder control medication may be prescribed or recommended by physicians. It is imperative that self-diagnosis is avoided and proper treatment should involve the advice of a medical professional.

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