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Trend Mystery

por willam princy (18-12-2018)

A Forex Robot needs you as a partner. Although fully automated, the forex Trend Mystery Review robot still needs his human partner. You will have to set the conditions and parameters for trading. You are also responsible for programming the software to know when to stop trading. As you do this, you and your computer software partner become one. You transfer an imprint of your logical thinking as well as math statistical and probability approach. Your partner also becomes an analytical and thinking robot to act as you. In fact it will perform better than you for it can do all the necessary tasks and at the same time think within the guidelines that you have set. Another reason why it will do better than you is because it has not emotion, no feelings or risk of fear. Such feelings lead to indecision and failure to act when it is the time to act. In the fast pace of market trading the moment to act is but a short time. Failure to act on a well-based decision within a given time will cause you to suffer losses.

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