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Final Survival Plan Review

por willam princy (17-12-2018)

Tough situations are stressful and any creature comforts you can supply Final Survival Plan Review yourself with are going to help you psychologically. Before the year 2000, the "Y2K" scare had many people stockpiling food for fear that society would breakdown due to computer failure. Many bought cases of beans, which they ended up throwing away because they didn't want to eat them! Frequent snacking throughout the day is better for you in a survival situation than just eating three meals. Both with respect to caloric intake (physiologically) and your mood (psychologically), frequent snacking wins hands down over eating three big meals. A high calorie snack before bedtime in a cold environment will kickstart your metabolism and help you keep warm and sleep better. While most people can easily go three weeks without food before they are in any danger of starvation (and some even longer!), going without food compromises you in many ways.

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