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Wireless transceiver module application in smart home control system

por remotecontrol rf (29-03-2018)

With the development of society, people continue to increase the investment in intelligent facilities, greatly promoting the home life of the information and intelligence. Wireless remote control technology as an important aspect of information, but also for the use of operators to provide convenience and security. The following introduces the application of radio frequency technology in intelligent home control system.


For example, mobile phone operators to withdraw from the Internet livable products, through the wireless mobile landline to increase the wireless transceiver module, completed with the sensor data interaction, so as to achieve the home appliance remote control and intelligent security alarm two major functions. The Wireless transceiver module belongs to the short distance wireless communication module, because the module cost is low, and in the sleep mode when the current consumption is also very small, more green and small size packaging and a few peripheral components, although low-cost, but can be very good in the intelligent home system to achieve sensor and terminal information transmission, It plays an important role in the scientific management and intelligent operation of the daily household energy. And on the Internet and other products to achieve the home appliances remote control and intelligent Security alarm function, Carymart RF controller module also can fulfill.


Carymart Wireless Transceiver Module, high sensitivity, up to -115DBM, and receive the distance of the ordinary receiving board more than twice times. Receive a reasonable bandwidth, the same frequency suppression can be strong, anti-interference, good shielding, high stability, can adapt to a variety of environments to use. At the same time, tele-Thai series of wireless transceiver module also has a good distribution of radiation suppression capabilities, easy to pass a variety of testing norms. Single-chip microcomputer direct interface, easy to achieve the highest transmission rate up to 20KBP, standard antenna, outdoor visual distance and communication distance of about 600 to 800 meters, and if configured with high gain antenna, communication distance can reach farther.


Application of Wireless Transceiver module in intelligent security system


Through the installation of the wireless transmitter and receiver module in the sensor equipment, including wireless remote controllers, infrared detectors, magnetic sensors, smoke detectors, gas alarms, and anti-theft alarms, a suitable wireless sensor solution can be applied. Intelligent security alarms are implemented in smart home systems, such as remote monitoring, fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-gas and emergency services for the elderly and children.


On the other hand, in the home appliance remote control system, the power consumption of the wireless transceiver module is very small, allowing the appliances to be in a long-term reception state. As long as the receiving module receives the transmission information, the home appliances, lights, etc. will be automatically turned on and operated. Convenient. The use of Carymart's RF Transmitter and Receiver Kit provides the possibility of fully realizing the cost-effective yet safe and reliable home automation control system.

Application of Wireless Transceiver module in remote control system of home appliances

In fact, not only in the smart home security and home appliances control applications,  Electronic Series Wireless Transceiver module is also used in more areas, including the pump wireless control, motor-type wireless control and communications electronics industry control, etc., to help create a number of high-quality wireless sensor domain solutions, to bring users a higher degree of efficiency,

Convenience, comfort and safety! Carymart is a more than 10-year focus on wireless remote control suppliers, operating range of wireless remote control switch, Wireless transceiver module, wireless controller, infrared detectors, anti-theft alarm, intelligent locks, smoke detectors and other security alarm and intelligent home control products design, development, production and sales of one-stop production suppliers, Carymart products can be widely used in electric screen, electric drying racks, electric doors and windows, intelligent Home Control, smart home anti-theft and other places.

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